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Take advantage of the superior functionality of a Dirt-Trapper mat with your own custom freesize mat dimensions.

We will cut your mat to order using precise dimensions that you give us (to the nearest cm). Just complete the 'x' and 'y' values in the fields to the left and press 'Calculate new price' for an instant quote. Then, if you are happy with the result, you may choose your colour and quantity before sending your order to our cart system for payment.

Please take care to double check the sizes you enter into the form and round all decimal figures to the nearest cm.

If you need any help converting imperial sizes to metric here is a handy tool to help...

inch inch
cm cm
Genuine Dirt-Trapper Mat
Multigrip Backing
No Borders
Square Corners

Size X: cm - Max 150 cm
Size Y: cm - Max 400 cm
Please round your size to the nearest cm

£ each
Minimum order £ 50.00



Please check your sizes
before you Add to Cart.

This product is constructed using natural materials, some minor size variation may occur. For this reason we operate a manufacturing tollerance of ±5%.

Fitting into a Well or Recess?

For Well or Recess fitting we advise you add a further 5% to both the (X) and (Y) dimensions to allow you to trim down to your precise size for fitting accuracy. Please also note; our mats are approximately 7mm in depth, you may need to install padding to bring the mat level with the floor surface. Always wash and dry your mat at least 3 times before cutting to size, this will eliminate any shrinkage that may occur.

All mats are cut to the nearest centimeter (cm). Millimeter (mm) accuracy is not possible.

We are the manufacturers of all Genuine Dirt-Trapper Mats® and as such there is no middle man, no complicated order processes and no paper trails, this means that when you place your order with us - it goes directly to our cutting tables to be processed, and once quality checked it is then dispatched directly to you. This whole process usually takes less than 3 days depending on sales volumes, but we ask you to please allow up to 5 days as it does require customisation.

Genuine Dirt-Trapper Mats

Dirt-Trapper Mats®

Natural cotton doormats that stop and trap dirt as it enters your home.

The mat that works!

£ 26.95

Dirt-Trapper Design

Dirt-Trapper Design

Colourful designer mats for a truly unique entrance area.

Browse our full range today and find your perfect mat...

£ 34.99

Dirt-Trapper Freesize


Custom sized mats to precisely fit your home.

Can easily be trimmed to fit shaped entrances.

£ 50.00

Dirt-Trapper SALE


Reduced to Clear!

Many end of line mats available.

Grab a bargain today!

£ 17.99

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