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Testimonials and comments from our customers

These mats are incredibly good we have three. The one in the kitchen has had all sorts spilled on it including fat. Pop it in the washing machine and hey presto as good a new. Brilliant.

Kathy Nash / Solihull, UK

I bought a dirt trapper already and because it was so good I ordered another 2!!

Bridget / UK

Purchased dirt trapper mat for entrance from garden to kitchen. Have replaced the old mat of your make had for nearly seven years. Very good value.

C. Reynolds / Aldershot, UK

These mats are not cheap but they really work. I've recently had builders [YES BUILDERS] in and out of the house and the mats were incredibly effective. I would highly recommend them.

Patricia Lyne / Brighton, UK

These are perfect for my dogs - they love to play in the garden and when they come bounding in the house with wet paws the mats soak up most of the moisture so it isnt all over my carpet.

Alice / Grantham, UK

We put our kittens' food on it. This means that not only does it catch the food they drop, but when they come in from outside, they always head for their food first, so the mat cleans their feet while they eat!

Sarah Follett / Cheadle Hulme, UK View photo

I cannot beleive how good these mats are, they really do work, I always tell my freinds they need to buy them for thier front doors. Before i bought mine i was always wiping mess up off my laminate floor on rainy days.

Mrs Helen Bates / Pontypridd, Wales

We bought several of these and wish we had more as they are just what is needed to keep the worst of the dirt out of our onboard containers. They get washed about every three weeks and still come up as good as new.

Sally / Drilling ship, offshore Korea View photo

I have had 2 dirt trapper mats for the last 3 years (front and back door) and they are brilliant.
They are still as good as the day I bought them. Just bought 2 more for my conservatory. I wish I had found these years ago before I wasted money on other mats. You wont have another mat once you try these.

T. Mills / Chorley, UK

I have found your website easy to navigate and your prices are competitive. Previously I have used Turtle Mats but whereas they charge extra for despatch on top of more expensive mats, you cover the costs of postage. Very impressive and I look forward to receiving the mats. I have 3 large dogs with another here most days of the week so need something that is efficient and washable.

Deborah Eeles / Hindhead

I bought 2 Dirt-Trapper mats. I had two before but one of my dogs chewed it when he was a puppy. The other one is brilliant - has been washed umpteen times and still going strong.

Shirley Shipman / Abingdon, UK

Already own one, now moving to new house so have brought 2 more dirt tapping door mats as they do what they say they do, and having a dog it makes life so much easier, when it looks grubby just pop it in the washing machine. You just can not beat these dirt trapping mats the best buy i have ever got.

Alicia Cookson / Earley Reading, UK

This is the third Dirt Trapper Mat I have purchased. I have one in my hall, front room and bedroom. I find the Dirt Trapper Mat brilliant at keeping dirt from indoors, especially because I have a dog. The non slip backing is perfect for my laminate floors and washing them, could not be any easier. I cannot fault the service, fast delivery. I guarantee that if you bought one Dirt Trapper Mat, you would never buy any other brand.

Frances Connor / Blackburn, UK

Thank you so much, your service is fantastic and very fast delivery. The colour of this dirt trapper mat is perfect, I've been searching for a pink door mat for a long time.

Sarah Fall / UK

Good web site and easy to use. Excellent selection of products.

Gordon Sharp / Market Drayton, UK

I have used one of your mats for years and it has weathered the daily storms of a very active golden retriever. Need I say more?

B. Ormerod / Beverley, UK

Got one dirt trapper already in a busy entrance hall purchasing a smaller one for 2nd entrance into property... great product!

Brian Lees / Burton-On-Trent, UK

Mat arrived - super efficient - and I am ordering another!

Stephanie Blackwell / UK

I bought a large size special value dirt trapper door mat for use in my hallway. Really looking forward to receiving it soon! Speedy transaction thank you.

Nicki Bell / Woodbridge

Needed a good washable hall mat. Glad to have found your site.

Caroline Hardy / Macclesfield

Very good user friendly site. Good products clearly described.

C Fawcett / Newark

Very easy to use the website and the mats look good, although I have not seen it yet as only just ordered.

Jennifer Rice / Clevedon

I am buying another dirt trapper premium borderless mat to put in my kitchen where the dogs walk in through the dog flap. I already have one by my front door and one by the back door, and they help stop the muddy footprints and regularly end up in the wash.

Lara Day / Axbridge

Bought the made to measure product for the entrance to our home. We have three big dogs and we already use your products, they are really great. First time we have made to measure though. Website is very easy to use and processed the order quickly without any glitches.

Dave Withe / Cornwall

Dirt Trapper Premium 75 x 50 Coffee for front door. Contacted your company before ordering online and spoke to a very helpful adviser. Thank you

E. Slater / Uttoxeter

I've just bought a dirt trapper mat for the entrance into the kitchen from the garden. Found your website very easy to use and was delighted to get a discount having recently purchased another dirt trapper mat for front entrance.

Deborah Kinloch / Hemel Hempstead, UK

Mats are for our campervan. Have used them before at home and on a boat. Excellent for muddy boots.

Frances Ablitt / Stourport on Severn, UK

I ordered the special offer as it seems good value for money,it will be used on a doorway to protect new carpet from wet paws. I have used this type of product before,purchased at Cruft's some years ago. They are brilliant.

Patricia Bailey / sheffield, UK

Bought 2 door mats. Very competitive price on special offer. Bought them because I have had them before and they are very hard wearing and can easily be machine washed Website was easy to use .

Sarah Edwards / Charmouth, UK

This dirt trapper carpet will be used in front of my back door as I am having a new carpet (Flotex) on my kichen floor and I want to protect it as much as possible. It was realy good being able to put the size I wanted.

Sheila Fisher / Basingstoke, UK

I bought the dirt trapper mat i will be using it in the kitchen by the back door. I would like to have had the option of a custom cut mat as the one I have bought is slightly too big (but will fit the opening)

Fran Adams / Plymouth, UK

We will be using the two new mats in our living room as you come in and as you go out into the garden. We have medium sized dogs and we look forward to protecting our new wooden floor from mud and moisture.

Scott / Witney, UK

Medium Coffee Dirt Trapper mat with Multi-grip backing for inside mkitchen door. We have two dogs and this is our third mat from you.

Ian / Fleet, Hants, UK

Purchsaed dirt trapper in ash for front door, purchased one a week ago for the back door. Well made DO NOT slip like some.

Roger Allcock / Bishops Stortford, UK

I bought 2 of these mats a while ago and now am ordering 1 for my mum. Not washed them yet but very pleased with their performance so far. Service excellent. Website easy to follow. Thank you.

Ann Steer / Leicester, UK

Great selection of mats - great colours and fantastically useful as they are washable. Great for our dirty dogs and wellied-up children!!

Kate Phillips / Harwell, UK

Our kitchen mats have worn out. Checked locally for 'Turtle Mats' and priced them, then came home and checked on line. Your site was on the list I checked and we think we saw a stand of your products at the NEC Caravan Show a couple of years back - the demo was impressive. Prices, compared with the 'Turtle', clinched the decision to buy!

Amanda Axtell / Winchester, UK

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